We are big on commercial real estate loans.

Small business owners and investors utilize small commercial real estate properties nationwide to support and operate their businesses.

We are one of the best in the business.

You are looking for funding-we are looking for you. 

We want to be your preferred lender for your real estate loans

We believe strongly in this type of asset and have developed financing solutions for commercial real estate loans designed specifically to help entrepreneurs achieve their vision of real estate ownership and wealth creation.

Our asset-based mortgage programs are specifically designed for:


Independent real estate investors


Small business owners who often don’t qualify for traditional bank loans


Borrowers that do not have sufficient W-2 income nor sufficient self-employed entrepreneur's income.
We do not require you to redo your tax returns and pay your taxes to do your loans.
Our loans have less paperwork, flexible terms, and the freedom to look beyond a borrower’s personal income which allows us to offer investors funding options beyond what is traditionally available.  Whether you need a loan for a new property or a cash-out refinance, our commercial loan terms will make it simple to qualify.

We have commercial loans for the following purposes:

Below is a short list of the property Collateral Types we consider:

Apartment buildings, Office buildings, Multifamily, Single-family, Retail, Mixed-use, Hotel/motel, Recreational, Daycares, Hair salons, Auto repair/auto body, Funeral homes, offices/warehouses, Mobile home parks, Garages/storages, Bars, Houses of Worship, VFW Union halls

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Commercial Cash-out Refinance

The cash-out refi is a must-have

There are some things in the commercial real estate business that you want.  There are some things that you need, and there are some must-haves.  The commercial cash-out refi is a must-have.

What Exactly is a Commercial Cash-Out Refi and How Can it Help You?

The commercial cash-out refi is a very common strategy of putting your property into a position to refinance the current loan and pull out your original down payment as cash.
It is also a very important skill to have if you want to be a successful syndicator of commercial real estate deals.  It is a vital skill.  Once you pull the cash out, you can use the cash for various things like renovating the property, you can buy another property, and you can pay back your investors. It will make you very popular amongst them if you do that. You can also have a nice fat savings account.  The endgame, with the commercial cash-out refi, is to build well.   The cash-out refi equals wealth building when you get down to it.

Avoiding Balloon Payments

If you are looking to avoid a balloon payment, you must refinance before the loan is due (even if you refinance without a cash-out option).
Commercial real estate loans typically come due much faster than residential ones.  You might be looking at a loan that comes due in as little as two years. Suppose you don’t have the funds to pay that loan off.  In that case, a cash-out refinance can help you in two ways: Change the loan’s terms and give you operating money.

The Cash Out Refi Concept

Let’s look at the cash-out refi concept on a single-family home investment when you buy a rental home. Then you wait for it to quickly appreciate and then refi, pull the cash out, and hold on to the property.  You would take the cash and buy another rental and another new rental and another. Soon you will have 10 single-family investment properties. You can do this for years as long as the market kept going up.
The cash-out refi is alive and well in the commercial real estate market and it is not market-driven as it is with residential real estate.  It is more income-driven than anything else.

Why Cash Out Refi is Valuable

It is tax-free money that you are taking.  Now, again, let us review why this is so valuable for you to know.
First, you can pay back your investors and keep your property 100% to yourself.
Second, you will become a very popular investor among your peers and private money investors.  Why wouldn’t they want to do another deal with you if you can pay back their initial investment and keep them in an investment?  Why wouldn’t they want to do another deal with you?
Third, answer this question:  What is your cash-on-cash return with zero money left in the deal?  The answer is what?  Infinity, your cash-on-cash return with no money in the deal is called infinity.
Forth, you might need to pay back property taxes or delinquent Federal taxes. The solution is set in your property. You can bring your taxes current.

Read some of our Clients Stories

Jammee R

I own a business that I work at every day and I have a 20-unit apartment complex. I have filed my income tax returns for the last five years. But, I have been running losses each year. The banks would not refinance my apartments. My note was ballooning and the rate kept going up.  Second Finance refinanced my property with a fixed rate,  a long-term mortgage I could afford.

Vicente T

I have a full-time day job. My brother and I purchased six duplexes a few years back. He wanted out of this investment. And, I wanted some more cash to buy more real estate. No one would refinance me because of my previous payment history and my current credit scores. Second Finance refinanced four of my duplexes so that I could buy my brother out. And, I got the extra cash I needed to buy more rental properties.

Sandra M

I got behind on my payroll taxes to the IRS and my property taxes. I could not sleep well each night.  I thought all the calls were for these two bills. The team at Second Finance refinanced my building to get me the cash to pay the IRS, and property taxes. I got some extra funds for operating my business. My life is completely different now.
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