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Commercial real estate is used solely for business purposes. These properties are such as an office building, shopping center, industrial warehouse, apartment complex, duplex, quadplex, and rental single-family residents. 

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Why should you refinance your property?

Cash-out refinancing

This allows you as a commercial real estate investor to unlock the cash stuck in an illiquid investment. You can turn an illiquid property into something that can give you a considerable amount of spendable cash..

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One category of investors for this service.

In a nutshell, Cash-our refinancing can be used for various purposes. There are no restrictions on the way you use the cash. You might want to buy more real estate.

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A second category of investors for this service.

You want to renovate an existing property. Making repairs could make it more marketable for additional rental income or increase the value for a sale.

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We want to share with you a few questions that have been asked about our loans

How quickly can you fund a loan?

As a lender, this is always a tough question to answer.  We can typically fund as soon as we have a valuation on the property (appraisal), clear title work, and all the required documentation from the borrower.

Do you fund loans nationwide?

Yes. We are capable of funding our products nationwide.  

Do you require experience?

No. We all have to start somewhere, right?  That is the beauty of working with us. If you can prove to us that you are strong in other areas (credit, liquidity, subject property), we look past the lack of experience. 

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