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Owning an investment property can be very lucrative, but getting the right mortgage to finance your real estate investment ambitions isn’t always easy.

Restrictive loan conditions, reduced valuations, and strict debt-to-income ratios can all end up limiting how much you can borrow.

In some cases, you might even find it impossible to get a mortgage at all.

The whole process is stressful and time-consuming, and if you make the wrong choice it can be financially crippling.

This is why many real estate investors end up settling for less-than-ideal mortgage terms or giving up on their potential investments altogether.

But now imagine a world where your needs are prioritized over the bank’s and where there’s a wide choice of lenders all keen to help you.

Well, that’s what we can offer you here at Second Finance.

We understand the unique struggles you face as a real estate investor and we specialize in providing mortgage solutions that suit your specific circumstances.

With our vast array of lenders, we can significantly increase the likelihood of getting your application approved. If your first choice of lender says no, we’ve got many others we can try and we’ll keep working away on your behalf until we get a yes.

Our no ratio loans mean you can get a mortgage without having to disclose your income or your debts – which reduces red tape and speeds up the process of getting your loan approved.

Our huge choice of mortgage options also includes balloon loans that are specially designed for real estate investors and apartment complex owners who are coming to the end of their current mortgage and now need to refinance.

We even offer cash-out loans so you can use the equity in your existing investment property to help you buy your next one or fund repairs and renovations.

Plus we use a really simple and streamlined application process, with less paperwork and less fuss – so you can save time, avoid stress and get your loan approved faster.

Want to know more? Just fill out our quick inquiry form. It’s free, and there’s no obligation to commit.

One of our specialists in mortgages for real estate investors will call you back. They’ll get a few details from you and then find you the best mortgage option from the many lenders we work with.

We make getting a mortgage easier, so you can focus on getting the best possible return from your property investments.

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Why Choose Us?

No Debt-to-Income Ratio Loans

Because we work with such a wide range of lenders, including ones who specialize in mortgages for real estate investors, we can get you approved for a mortgage without you having to disclose all of your debts or prove how much you earn.

We do this by using a no debt-to-income (DTI) loan. This type of loan is ideal if you’re an investor who hasn’t filed a tax return yet or if you have complex income streams that are difficult to document.

By focusing on the property’s value and investment potential rather than your own financial profile we can provide the flexibility you need to expand your portfolio quickly and efficiently.

Cash-out Loans

Our cash-out loans let you refinance your existing property for more than you owe on your current mortgage and receive the extra as cash which you can use as the downpayment on your next property or to upgrade or repair an existing one.

These loans often have competitive interest rates compared to other borrowing options, making them ideal if you’re an investor who is looking to grow your property portfolio quickly and cost-effectively.

Fast Approvals

If you’re like most real estate investors we deal with, you’re not someone who likes to sit around waiting for other people to make decisions. You’re used to being able to crack on with things and get stuff done.

That’s why, once your paperwork has been assessed, we’ll aim to get you a decision fast – usually within 24-48 hours and certainly way sooner than you’d get one from your own bank.

Save Time & Hassle

We deal with mortgages for real estate investors all day every day and we’ve been doing it for years. So once we’ve assessed your situation we’ll have a very good idea which lenders are most likely to approve you and which loan program best fits your needs.

This means we can go straight to the lender who’s most likely to say “yes” and we won’t waste your time or damage your credit rating by applying to multiple lenders who are going to turn you down.

Huge Choice

We have access to over 75 different mortgage lenders offering a choice of thousands of different products. So if we can’t find you a mortgage then you can be pretty sure no-one can.

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art software with advanced algorithms to allow us to quickly find the lenders who offer the best mortgage deals for your particular situation, even if you’re new to property investing or have a less-than-perfect credit score.

What Our Customers Say

Adriana Ugalde
Adriana Ugalde
Son un equipo con experiencia y de mi confianza. Me consta la dedicación que le dan a sus clientes y por eso los recomiendo.
Enrique Miguel Benitez
Enrique Miguel Benitez
Excellent service! Can't thank y'all enough!! Very helpful and great customer service. Highly recommend them!
Valerie Gomez
Valerie Gomez
Very patient and understanding would recommend
Astou Sy
Astou Sy
Very good customer service

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