Designed as an income documentation alternative allowing self-employed borrowers to utilize their Profit & Loss statement

Main Benefits

Business owners have a unique advantage with the US tax code, allowing them to deduct significant amounts of taxable income, which lowers their tax burden. While this has clear tax advantages to the business owner, the problem often arises when they apply for a mortgage and are denied due to a lack of income and/or a high debt-vs-income ratio.

No Tax Return

This special program does not require your tax return.

Self Prepared P & L

You can prepare your own P & L to more accurately portray your true income. (No debt to income problem.)

Property you can buy

You may buy Primary, Second Home, and Investment properties.

Program Overview

  • • Based on the strength of the business's Profit & Loss statement only
  • • FICO as low as 660
  • • Loan amounts up to $4 million
  • • Up to 80% CLTV 
  • • Fast and easy application process
  • • Purchase and Refinance available
  • • Primary Home, Second Homes, and Investment Properties
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