SELF-EMPLOYED, the home buying process is not difficult!

All borrowers fit into the standard mortgage loan box. Getting a mortgage can be frustrating when you don't have the traditional W-2, or paycheck stubs to share with a mortgage lender. Flexible income documentation options are an important piece when it comes to obtaining a home loan for the Self Employed.

This loan program is for...

  • Self Employed people with volatile income or non-recurring expenses
  • Working more than one job
  • Earn commissions, tips, and other hard-to-document sources of income
  • People who pool resources to invest.
  • People whose current income is rising but lack a sufficient historical average

Program Highlights:

• Traditional methods; Tax Returns, 1099s, etc.
• Alternative Income Documentation Options
Profit & Loss Statements
Business or Personal Bank Statements
• Most Property Types Accepted
• Purchase, cash-out, or refinance rate & term
• Minimum credit score: 640 (mid score)
Self Employed borrowers are unable to get a loan because their tax returns do not show enough income to qualify. 
Banks require your tax returns to show enough income to service debt. Business owners have a unique advantage with the US tax code, allowing them to deduct significant amounts of taxable income, which lowers their tax burden. The problem often arises when the borrower applies for a mortgage and is denied due to a lack of income and/or a high debt-vs-income ratio.
Unfortunately, this does not help their chances of getting a loan because it appears that there is not sufficient income to service a loan. So, they are turned down. This is a shame because there are a lot of investors and business owners who do have sufficient income.
When you cannot meet the traditional lending requirements, you will likely miss out on the investment opportunity or house of your dreams. Real estate opportunities don’t always linger on the market for long.
There is a solution….

A financing program that does not rely on your tax returns for approval is for you.  

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